[Credit Card]

The penetration rate for credit card is low in Japan. Some restaurants and souvenir shops do not accept credit cards. This is partly because it is safe in Japan and you can keep cash in your wallet and it is expensive to set up credit card systems in shops.

As we seldom see exchange counters in the street, you may have to exchange at hotels and banks. Therefore, we would recommend you to exchange at the airport when you arrive.



People with tattoo are often kept off from Onsen spa, training gym and so on. In Edo era (1603-1867 A.D), criminals were labeled with tattoo. In addition, it is widely accepted that tattoo was/is a symbol of gang stars. Therefore, we feel scared of people with tattoo. If you have tattoo, we recommend you to bring a large bandage/plaster that covers tattoo.


[English Availability]

We learn English for six years in junior high (three years) and senior high (three years) schools. In addition, most entrance exams for universities have English. Therefore, most Japanese can communicate in English, even they don’t speak fluently. In addition, English is available for most vending machines for tickets.


[Transportation in Japan]

In general, public transportation is operated in a punctual manner. Trains arrive and leave stations exactly on time, whereas bus operation is often affected by traffic.

Taxi is expensive compared with U.S.A. and South Korea. I don’t think taxi drivers can communicate well in English. Therefore, we would suggest you to use public transportation if possible. Unfortunately, Uber, Grab, or PassApp are not popular.


[Police Office and Lost and Found]

When you lost your wallet or mobile phone, the first thing you should do is to report to Police. There are many police boxes called “Kohban”. If you exactly know that you lost in a train, you can report it to the railway station. Remember that the rate of return is 74% in Japan.


[No Tips in Japan]

Tips are all included in the price. You don’t have to leave a tip at restaurants, pass a tip to a taxi driver, and hotel rooms. Even in a gorgeous hotel, we don't give tips to a doorman.

Travel Tips in Japan