Tourist Spots


If you visit Japan for the first time, I would recommend Kyoto, as most people unanimously do. It is only 2 hours between Kanazawa and Kyoto by express train. You may ask how long it takes to enjoy Kyoto. It could be one day if you take a tour for foreigners. It could be three or more, if you want to fully enjoy as many temples. There are a lot of tours for foreigners you can find in via internet.



The Capital of ancient Japan was settled in Nara in A.D. 710, then moved to Kyoto in A.D. 794. Therefore, Nara is ~ 80 years older than Kyoto. Whereas Kyoto temples are brighter and more decorative, temples in Nara are solemn and simple. Less touristy and appropriate for meditation. There are at least three regions of interest in Nara. One is the region around Nara station. You can enjoy Tohdaiji and Kohfukuji temple and also Deer park. The second is the region of Kashihara Jingu. There are Yakushiji temple, Tohsho-daiji temple and so on.

The last one is Horyuji-temple, which is far from Nara station. As the access is not good, tours often skip Horyuji temple. However, this temple is the oldest wooden building and a National treasure. You cannot miss it.



Located in the west region of the main island Japan. It’s about 90 min from Shin-Osaka by Shinkansen express. Hiroshima is famous for atomic bombing. In addition, another interesting point is Miyajima/Itsukushima Shrine.



If you like cities like New York, Paris and London, you should visit Tokyo. Ginza, Aoyama, Roppongi, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Akihabara and so on. Not only modern aspects, Tokyo retains atmosphere of Edo era in Asakusa area.